Friday, May 10, 2013

Artist Compilation in Progress

I decided to play with a little color after the compilation was done.

This was a project that was done by several artists all over the world.  This was my part of the painting.  It turned out to be part of the dress on the Statue of Liberty. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello Kitty Angel

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My daughter asked me to paint a Hello Kitty picture for a gift for her niece.  This is what I came up with.  I wanted a simple childlike painting, as Hello Kitty pictures are always simple.  I used gesso to give the sun and clouds some texture.  I actually felt like a little kid doing this one because painting with the gesso was like fingerpainting in grade school!  :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Angel - Black and White

I wasn't happy with the face on my first little angel painting so I decided to do it again, this time in black and white.
(7" x 5")
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Little Angel

I airbrushed another painting today, using my drawing of a little angel. 
This is my sketch.
I then sketched in the details of the little angel with reduced detail paynes gray and started painting in some clouds in the background.
In the next picture, I started adding some light blue clouds, building the background more.
I added some detail magenta the underside of the clouds in this next picture, continuing to build the background.  I also came back in and added some more white to maintain the highlighted areas of the picture. 
In this next picture, I came in and deepened the shadows and darkest areas.
I came back in with white and brought back the highlighted areas, continuing to build the layers of the picture. 
The next pictures shows that I worked on the details of the wings and hair.  I used the hair brush to get crisp strokes of white.  Then, I came back in with the airbrush and added highlights to the clouds. 
I felt that I was lacking depth to the picture and decided to come in with some more blue behind the angel.  This gave the picture the effect that I was looking for.  I wanted the angel to be floating on a single cloud.  I also glazed a little of the blue on the angel to keep the colors uniform.  While this is not a black and white painting, I wanted to keep it semi-monotoned.  I also continued to work on the highlights of the clouds.
This is the finished piece. 
This is a 7 x 5 inch painting using Wicked paint on bristol art paper.  I used my Iwata Micron CMC - Plus and the Eclipse HPCS airbrush and a 10/0 fine liner hair brush.
Such a little angel!  :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yoda Man - For Hubby's Birthday

I wanted to create a painting for my husband for his birthday.  Two years ago, we completely remodeled our kitchen, dining room, and living room.  Then last year my daughter bought a house and we gutted the kitchen out and did hers.  He is into cars (a motorhead) and can just about fix or build anything.  My kids granted him the nickname Yoda.  Short for YoDa Man.  
I created Yoda with tools using photoshop to get the composition I liked.  LOL 
I hope you like it!!
First I masked out the character and his tools and freehanded the background until I liked how it looked.  

Then I reverse masked the character to protect the background from any overspray and continued to sketch in the basic features of the character with a very light shade of paynes gray. 
(I use wicked paint and this is painted on gesso'd canvas.)

Then, I lightly glazed in some color. 
Sorry I mix until I get the colors I like so I don't have a ratio for ya. 

In this one, I am deepening my shadows, lightly building the textures and tones of the picture.

I then added some highlighting and deepened the shadows some more.
I removed the masking and added Yoda's hair.

Here I added more detail to Yoda's forehead, finished the eyes and painted the tools.
Voila, c'est fini!!
(20" x 16")

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Skull Under Floorboards - Paint Pal Project

This is a 5 x 7 painting done for a Paint Pal Project through  Artists from all over the world created their own 5 x 7 artwork and then sent it to an assigned paint pal. 
This is my painting, done step by step.
First, I sketched out my design very lightly with detail sepia.  (I use Wicked paint.)
I keep building my values and detail.

Deepening my darkest areas.

Then, I glaze over my floorboards with yellow ochre.
I add some more detail and deepen my dark areas more to add depth to the painting to finish.

Here it is matted and ready to be sent to my paint pal.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Leopard "Morning Sip"

Click on Picture to Get a Better View.

Today, I glazed over the leopard with some detail yellow ochre and added some more to the darkest shadows of the cat.   Then I went back over some of the whitest areas and scratched in more hair.
I painted the cat's tongue with detail Driscoll's skin tone, a touch of detail crimson and little white to get the shade I needed. The cat in the reference picture had very light eyes with a tint of a celery green color around the pupils. So I took detail moss green and added a little detail white and got the color I needed. The detail sepia I had originally shaded the cat's eyes with was the perfect color so I left it alone.
Then, OMG I thought I was going to have a frickin heart failure putting those DxxM wiskers on! I'm thinking that this is where I Fxxk it up. It took me over an hour to get them right.

Il est fini! (It is finished!)

Leopard Progress

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More progress on the Leopard - "Morning Sip" painting. 
Tonight, I went back over the leopard's spots darkening them and the dark areas of the cat's eyes.  Then, I added more shading.  After that I scratched in the fur texture.  So far, it's coming along nicely.  I think I am totally amazing myself.  I just didn't know that I could create something this nice.  I am real happy with it and loving my Micron airbrush.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Tonight I started working on the shadows of the ripples in the water area.  Adding more texture underneath the water.  I still have to darken the water on the right side of the cat's head. 
Click on Picture for a Better View.
So, I came back in and darkend the shades of the ripples and along side the cat's head.  I also took care of the white haze along the cat's head near the water.  Then I started to darken the spots on the cat's coat and deepend the contrast in the eyes, nose and ears.  I still have to bring the cat's spots darker and shade the cat further.  Then I will start on the texture of the fur.  Still going slow. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This picture is a printout of my reference picture from which my current project is being painted.  This photograph was from National Geographic by Jaque Pierre Joubert. 
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I started mapping out the picture with Wicked detail sepia, a couple days ago.  I am using my new Micron CMC-Plus airbrush on gesso'd canvas.  This leopard has way too many spots and I got lost in the painting trying to capture them all.  So, its not an exact duplicate of the photograph.  But, that's okay, I hope to learn something from this painting.   
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So, tonight, I started working on the water area.  I created some texture underneath the water with my electric eraser.  I then added some color with a mixture of detail cobalt blue, detail blue violet and detail raw umber.  I worked on the ripples by painting the color mixture over the already painted in ripples on the right side.  I will be continuing with darker shades building the water to a very dark shade of almost black revealing only slight texture along the right side of the cat.   Building texture, color and shading.  Going slow with this one.  So far so good! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dragon by Josh Seaman ("Seamonkey")

This is an awesome video by Josh Seaman.  First he does a short review of his new Sata brush and then proceeds to paint this fierce dragaon.  You won't be dissappointed!  So watch it already!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Owl - Finished

Click on Picture for a better view. 
Whoo hooo, so here we are, the painting is done.  I think it came out great!  My first one done with my new Iwata Micron CMC-Plus.  The painting was completed in about a total of 11 hours. 
Special thanks to the gang at for their encouragement and tips.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Owl in Tree

Click on picture for a better view. 
This is my recent project.  The picture on the left is my reference.  I have painted the owl and then proceeded with painting the bark. 
Click on picture for a better view.
Here I have sketched in the bark of the tree with detail sepia.
Click on picture for a better view.
Last night I added some more detail in the feathers and highlights in the eyes.  Then I worked more on the bark of the tree adding in the darker color to create depth in the texture.
Check back for more progress!

Flaming Skulls

Click on pictures for a better view.
These are some flaming skulls I recently painted.  The first two were done with my Iwata Eclipse brush and the last one was done with my Iwata Micron.  They were all painted with Wicked paint on multi-media art paper.  They started out with stencils and then worked freehand from there. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spirits of Christmas - Finished

Here is the finish painting I did for the Twisted Christmas challenge.
It was good fun and all three entries won prizes.