Friday, July 29, 2016

"Tea Time"

This one is another Calz original.  And, yup, it was done very small.  Love to practice small.
So here are some progress pictures for you to see how I did it.

Here is a quick sketch with the airbrush.

Here I started to work my darkest areas and building textures. 

In this picture I created the background and building the shadows and textures of her hair.

More work on the background and hair.  Deepening the dark areas.
Then, I started to add textures to the clothing and form to the tea cup.

Working on the bony fingers.

And the finished painting.

Some of my friends say she looks like Margaret Thatcher from the grave.  LOL
Copyright 2016

Three Evils and Then Some

I just wanted to paint something quickly and did this t-shirt up in no time.  

A Little Experiment

I had this clear plastic cell phone case and I wanted to see if I could paint it.  So, I got this far and then went to stencil some lettering on it and it peeled.   So I actually had to throw it away.  I even used plastic adhesion promoter but the type of plastic was the gel like flexible plastic.  Didn't work!  Oh well.  Better luck next time!  It did turn out cool though.  

Oh I did some more detail on it before I screwed it up.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fire Dragon & Volcano Pit

I was playing with getting the texture of the lava crust right.  Just having a bit of fun creating.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Butterfly Dragon (New Design)

This painting was done for a friend overseas.

Here's my sketch.

Working on the background here.  Its sort of a watercolor method with alcohol inks.

Building up the colors in the wings.  First I worked in the line work and then started to build color in the wings.  All airbrushed.  Oh, I didn't mention that this painting is small 5" x 7" on illustration board.

Still working on building the wings here.  Glazing with transparent paints shift the colors.

Moving forward, working on the leaves.

It doesn't seem that I have progress pictures of the dragon part.  Sorry for that.
This is the completed painting.  Copyright 2016.

Building an Art Studio

My hubby, Ray, built me an art studio and I moved into it several months ago.  Here are some progress pics.  

There will be some more pictures coming.  The project is all completed but I have yet to take some pictures of the room finished.  Mainly because all of my stuff was everywhere and I have to get some organization before I can post some nice pictures.  Stay tuned.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Homeless (The start of a portrait)

I started this painting and then got sidetracked with other projects.  
It sits in my new art studio waiting for me to finish it.

Its painted on Illustration Board with Etac paint and my Iwata Microns.

The beginning layout or mapping of the features of the subject and the rest will all be freehand painted.

Let Me Out!!

This painting captures the birth of the flying eyeball.

Done on gesso'd canvas.  5" x  7"

I like to practice small because then the big stuff seems real easy.

Wanna Play?

This painting was done on gesso'd canvas board.  Airbrushed with my Iwata brushes.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Butterfly Garden

Hey, its me again, trying to catch up.  This painting was a gift for my mother.  She wanted a new painting for her living room and specifically requested a butterfly scene.
This was done on gesso'd canvass and was 3' wide by 2' high.

Click on the Photo for a Better View.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Melusine (The Mermaid of Luxembourg)

Boy, I have a bit of catching up to do.  Since my last post, I've finished quite a few pieces so I will start with this posting.  There is a nice folk tale about Melusine.  Google it.

Melusine was painted for a paint pal with the Orange forum and was completed in October, 2015.

I had a bit of trouble with the illustration board I was using and wasn't too happy with the results of this piece.

Click on the Photo for a Better View.