Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yoda Man - For Hubby's Birthday

I wanted to create a painting for my husband for his birthday.  Two years ago, we completely remodeled our kitchen, dining room, and living room.  Then last year my daughter bought a house and we gutted the kitchen out and did hers.  He is into cars (a motorhead) and can just about fix or build anything.  My kids granted him the nickname Yoda.  Short for YoDa Man.  
I created Yoda with tools using photoshop to get the composition I liked.  LOL 
I hope you like it!!
First I masked out the character and his tools and freehanded the background until I liked how it looked.  

Then I reverse masked the character to protect the background from any overspray and continued to sketch in the basic features of the character with a very light shade of paynes gray. 
(I use wicked paint and this is painted on gesso'd canvas.)

Then, I lightly glazed in some color. 
Sorry I mix until I get the colors I like so I don't have a ratio for ya. 

In this one, I am deepening my shadows, lightly building the textures and tones of the picture.

I then added some highlighting and deepened the shadows some more.
I removed the masking and added Yoda's hair.

Here I added more detail to Yoda's forehead, finished the eyes and painted the tools.
Voila, c'est fini!!
(20" x 16")

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Skull Under Floorboards - Paint Pal Project

This is a 5 x 7 painting done for a Paint Pal Project through www.airbrushforum.org.  Artists from all over the world created their own 5 x 7 artwork and then sent it to an assigned paint pal. 
This is my painting, done step by step.
First, I sketched out my design very lightly with detail sepia.  (I use Wicked paint.)
I keep building my values and detail.

Deepening my darkest areas.

Then, I glaze over my floorboards with yellow ochre.
I add some more detail and deepen my dark areas more to add depth to the painting to finish.

Here it is matted and ready to be sent to my paint pal.